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Account Receivables
Cure Care Technologies understand and handle account receivables as a crucial part of the cash flow that needs constant follow up. As a leading company providing complete healthcare solutions, we ensure that medical practitioners are getting paid accurately and timely for every service they perform.
Revenue Cycle Management
We are a renowned company providing complete revenue cycle management services. Whether you are a hospital, individual practitioners, physician, or a billing company, we work professionally on each part of the revenue cycle to minimize the cost of collection and streamline the cash flow along with improved efficiency.
Smart Assistance
Are you starting a new medical practice or running an established one? Well, it doesn’t matter because here at Curecaretechnology, we provide complete healthcare solutions harnessing agile methodologies and advanced technology that are tailor-made to meet your requirements and help accomplish organizational goals.
What Makes us Unbeatable!
Complete Protection
Right from patient safety, the privacy of patient information to medical billing, we promise to comply with all the rules & regulations including HIPAA Compliances.
Technical Expertise
Here at Cure Care Technologies, experts come up with years of experience and technical expertise to streamline your medical practice and guide you to cater to quality healthcare services.
Services We Offer
Cure Care Technologies delivers best-in-class, highly secure, and affordable revenue cycle management services and tailor-made healthcare solutions through years of expertise and successful industry practices. Besides optimizing the revenue cycle for professional physicians, we have certified coders with expertise in entering codes for specific medical conditions and boost your account receivables by reducing claim denials. We excel in the following services.
Medical Billing
Medical Coding
Medical Data Entry
Medical Claim Processing
Credit Balance Resolution
Patient Financial Solutions
Complete Revenue Cycle Management

Tailor-made Solutions

Whether you need complete revenue cycle services or just need medical billing or coding, we provide customized services to help you meet your goals in the budget.

Why Choose Us?
Several factors determine the need for medical billing & coding that can vary from customer to customer. Therefore, we offer economical services for each healthcare provider.
With an aim to render world-class medical billing services, we leverage the latest technologies and methodologies. Also, our team can work on any specific software that suits you.
Here at Curecaretechnology, we walk the extra mile to train our staff to maintain confidentiality & security by conducting HIPAA Compliance training periodically.
Healthcare is subject to be handled carefully without any breach, therefore we work with a highly effective project security system to ensure complete data security.
Our professional medical billing & coding teams reduce your overheads and cost by up to 40% along with maintaining the utmost accuracy and efficiency.
Our certified coders come with an expertise in CPT and ICD-10 coding also the medical billing specialists take care of the whole process to minimize denials and further issues.
How do We assure Quality?
Our team comprises professional coders with AAPC/AHIMA  certification and the quality assurance team implements a 3-level quality check process. Backed with U.S.-Based internal coding audits and quality assurance reviews, our team ensures consistency, reliability, and quality. Our commitment to high-quality services and internal compliances and our straight security policies and procedures provide global customers an assurance to security and level of services to outsource healthcare solutions including revenue cycle management to the company they can rely on.

Working as a reliable and trusted companion and partner for your financial success, we help you stop worrying about your revenue and focus on rendering quality healthcare services. Feel free to call us regarding your queries about healthcare solutions.

I’m really happy with the quality and cost of services Curecaretechnologies is providing. Now, I can see more patients without worrying about my account receivables and revenue cycle because I hired Curecaretechonologies for this.
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